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GreenArrow is a simple automation tool which uses screen pieces you record before to locate a click point on the screen.

To use the tools, you should follow these steps:
Use Marker.exe to record screen pieces.
  • Run Marker.exe
  • Click "Mark"
  • Select a rectangle, which you want to use as a ref to locate a clicking point
  • Click the point you want to set it as the clicking point. Or, you can press SPACE to select multiple ref rectangles
  • After you have selected a clicking point, a directory under MarkerData will be created, which contains all the marking infomations.
Now, you can add Arrow.dll as reference into your project to click target points with marking data you have recorded.
GreenArrow.Arrow arr = new GreenArrow.Arrow("full path of MarkerData directory");
arr.Click("your marker name");
Shooter.exe is just a console program that invokes Click method

Easy, right?

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